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Bat diversity in Santa Lucía.

In April 2019 Morgan Hughes and Scott Brown (both University of Wolverhampton) visited the Santa Lucía reserve and had a brief look into the bat life around the lodge and on the self-guided trail. They've published the results of their study now in the "Proceedings of the Birmingham Natural History Society".

Their findings are particularly interesting in comparism with two other projects, also investigating bat diversity, that were run in 2014.

Morgan and Scott - in only four nights of investigation - found 12 bat species, three of which hadn't been registered before. We will have a close look at the results now and see how many species have been confirmed in total during those three projects. This is necessary because there have been some changes in the taxonomy and there are also some uncertain records of even older projects which need to be reviewed closely.

Thanks, Morgan and Scott, for your work - and we hope to see you soon here in Santa Lucía!

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