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Corona virus crisis affects Santa Lucía.

As we expected from the beginning of the current world-wide crisis the Santa Lucía community is heavily affected by travel restrictions, lock-downs and whatever economic crisis might strike afterwards. Currently the management and the community are discussing options on how to save the project. Yes, it's about saving the Santa Lucía conservation project.

Three big student groups had to cancel their visits within the next three to four months already. Those groups are a huge part of the income of Santa Lucía and the money is used to pay the operating costs we have.

It's not yet time to get desparate, but yes, we need new ideas. Who knows whether tourism will ever be what it was. So, we must look into other options on how to carry on with conservation. Ideas are always welcome! Guests who visited Santa Lucía often inspired us to try out new things and travel new roads. Hopefully there will be something sustainable new and exciting things to do in the Santa Lucía future. That of course does not mean that we are abandonning eco-tourism. By no means! It's just time for us - like for many many others in this world - to look for new opportunities and to be less dependent on just one particular type of activity.

Stay tuned!

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