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How many Andean Bears are there in Santa Lucía?

Chloe Pepke is a student who visited us last year (2019) taking part in the Ecuador SIT program. She stayed for four weeks analysing the camera trapping sites and photos and wrote a paper on the distribution of Andean Bears (Tremarctos ornatus) and cats (Leopardus sp. / Puma concolor) in space and time within the Santa Lucía reserve. The results were very interesting, although of course with only three years of data not yet conclusive. However, her methodology and results are great base for another interested student who might want to look into the data again with the same focus in a few years.

But Chloe didn't forget about her work here and now - being a student at the University of Colorado, Denver - she again is using camera trapping data from Santa Lucía and the neighboring Maquipucuna reserve in order to find out more about the Andean Bears in the region. In particular she is interested in how many bears we've seen in total in the four years of intense camera trapping and which of the bears might be residents. We got a sneak peek into parts of her analysis and the results look spectacular. Maybe she let's us publish some of the results here in our blog. In the meantime - thank you for all the work, Chloe and good luck for the future!

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