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Message to New Volunteers

Dates of volunteering

July 23 - August 4, 2023

I am so glad I chose to volunteer at Santa Lucia. As a volunteer you become a member of the community, living, eating, and working together. Everyone was welcoming and kind. I felt well cared for with a comfortable place to call my own, deliciously prepared meals, and a natural environment that is beyond amazing. We put in some work, doing a variety of tasks. It was good to be flexible and know that whatever we worked on was having a positive impact on the community. In my free time I hiked to the waterfalls, relaxed in the hammock, and saw more birds than I could count! I hope that I will return again one day and would highly recommend the experience to anyone who is up for a fun adventure!

What did I learn and contribute?

One of my goals was to learn and practice my Spanish skills. Everyone was patient and helpful with me, and I became more confident using Spanish. I also learned about birding and gained a better understanding of the cloud forest eco-system and specially that of Santa Lucia. I worked on reestablishing the self guided trail during my stay. Myself and another volunteer learned about the existing trail, and what was needed. In the end we left before all the signage was up, but things were well on their way!

Coleen R.

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