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Park school time ... again!

This is getting fun!

We did the next park school event - again in the context of the Festival del Chocó Andino - on Friday, 13th of August and this time, maybe the event was held in the center of Nanegal, there was even more attendance.

Denisse was down with "the flu", so Graciela and Holger had to manage the masses by themselves (we will definitely need three people during those events in the future).

The crowd was mixed: local children, visitors from Quito and Mindo, people all ages.

Again the attracted most people immediately was the microscope. Lots of kids also participated in the quizzes about animals, plants and all the rest of nature.

Surprisingly - although there was a monitor where pictures and videos were shown all the time, the kids were not interested much in that and used all the interactive stuff and - where even reading the books we had supplied in our "library".

Plenty of local kids signed up for future forest and park school events (which will be held indenpendently of larger events) and took the registration forms home, so that they obtain permission by their parents.

It's fantastic to see some much enthusiasm right away and although we are somewhat limited in our time we will try to use this momentum with small activities in the very near future with some of the kids.

Time to get organized. :)

If anyone out there wants to help with ideas, equipment or even personal participation in our forest / park schools ... please contact us!

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