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2022 Review (pt. 1)

2022 was a very successfull year for Santa Lucía in terms of research and student groups. A total of 17 groups of 10 or more students visited us throughout the year. Most of the groups came from the UK and the US, but we also had some Ecuadorian students in the mix. Most of the groups stayed for 4 to 5 days and got in introduction into the Santa Lucía community and Cloud Forest ecology.

The UK ones (University of Lincoln and Sussex) stayed longer and therefore also had the chance to run some research.

The Sussex groups that stayed in Santa Lucía almost throughout December were even lucky in terms of the weather. While in 2021 they "enjoyed" torrental rainfalls throughout their stay, 2022 was the driest December since we started recording rain fall data (161mm in 2022 vs. 316mm on average), so they could work more intensely on their projects. We hope to get to see some of the results sometime soon.

2023 looks equally promising. Around 10 groups have already made preliminary reservations and in fact we are expecting the first student group of the year (coming from St. Olaf Collage) tomorrow.

To everyone who visited us last year and to everyone else who is reading this blog ... we wish you all a very happy year 2023!

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