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by Santa Lucía Ecolodge
Exchange programs in Santa Lucía Reserve
With its unique location in the cloud forest, Santa Lucía has always been a hotspot for scientists and students. The lodge is located at around 1.950m, but the reserve stretches from 1.300m to 2.500m and while 80% of it is covered with pristine montane rain forest the existing trails allow for access to forest in all elevations.
Santa Lucía is the perfect place to study not only the primary forest but also successional vegetation (pastures, reforested areas, and naturally-grown secondary forest). We have hosted and run dozens of projects over the last 15 years. Long-time relations with universities and researchers from all over the world enabled us to learn about the (wild)life in our reserve. We have also gained profound experience in hosting scientists and student groups.
We offer not only lodging, food, and logistics (travel arrangements, etc.), but our staff can also help you with guidance and field work in the projects.

Our projects

Qualified and experienced staff to assist in projects and in the laboratory.
Our guides and field assistants have extensive experience and knowledge about the flora and fauna of Santa Lucía as well as the handling of trap cameras and laboratory implements.
Camera trapping

Camara trapping Project to monitor medium and large mammals

Student's groups

Education Abroad 

Bird monitoring

Around 405 different species of birds.

Orchid Research

More than 300 Orchid Species and Santa Lucía have an Orchid Garden

Hummingbird research

Excellent  destination of Hummingbirds research

Join us

Come, make your own investigation in a Primary Cloud Forest, that is Part of the  Biosphere Reserve of the Andean Choco declared by Unesco

  • To get to Santa Lucía we necessarily have to walk a beautiful path within the forest that goes from 1400 to 1900 meters high with an extension of 2.5 km to reach the hostel, it has capacity for 40 people students have shared accommodation with shared bathroom, a large dining room with a beautiful panoramic view, a laboratory used to do your research and teach, a projector to make your presentations.
  • Electricity is limited because we do not have this service but we have a generator that provides electricity when they need it, the cost of this service covers the fuel necessary for the generator to run.
  • Transportation for groups can be arranged by  Santa Lucía.
  • Sometimes the buses cannot arrive at the end of the trailhead, but we can rent a truck that can reach trailhead that leads to Santa Lucía.
  • The price of this transport is $ 15 each way and up to 4 people can enter and in the part from behind you can carry luggage.
  • We have some pairs of rubber boots, it is important to have this information in advance so that they can know who needs to bring their boots, we usually need large numbers.
  • Their food is varied both nationally and internationally, it is about eating healthy, and if the group has special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans, intolerance or allergies to gluten or lactose, it is better to have this information in advance to have everything ready to meet the dietary requirements of the students.
Free time
If you have a day off you can do the following activities:
  • Visit the cock of the rock Lek.
  • Visit the organic brown sugar factory to make sugar cane juice.
  • Visit and know our beautiful trail to the waterfalls.
  • The giant swing is a favorite of students who like to challenge the height.
  • They can also make a soccer team to play in the afternoon Students Vs Santa Lucía.
  • Accommodation is available 7 days a week in Santa Lucía. It is a beautiful eco-lodge located in the heart of the cloud forest at a height of 1900 meters. The eco-lodge has hot showers, hammocks to relax and contemplate an incredible panoramic view of the diverse landscape that surrounds it.
  • The groups work in the reserve, and Your accommodation depends on the study program, You can schedule a day off so they can walk and learn more about our biodiversity, this depends on the itinerary of the program.
  • Bed linen is provided in Santa Lucía so it is not necessary to bring a sleeping bag. The accommodation for students is in shared dormitories for 2, 4 or 8 people.


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