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Following the Andean Bear (Tremarctos ornatus)

A few weeks ago when Holger, Noé and Ana walked through the Santa Lucía forest in order to pick the spots for the new hectare plots we had an interesting encounter with an Andean Bear. We observed it first at around 2.100m where it was feeding apparently on some herbs. It was rather relaxed but trotted off after a while.

Since we were on our way and bear on its way down our paths split here.

After a few hours we were on our way back down and - since it had rained the night before - it was easy to follow the bear's tracks.

Since it was walking down the main trail towards the lodge we'd thought one of the two wood gates would have stopped it.

Well, it didn't!

A few hundred meters later we found another trace of the bear. Apparently it had torn down a trash bag which was conveniently hanging near Eduardo's cabin (formerly Eduardo's house).

We found tracks of the bear until a few hundred meters before the lodge, but there at some point it had turned off into the forest. Instead of preparing lunch at the lodge for four hungry scientists coming back after hard morning's hike.


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