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Happy New Year (and monitoring)

First of all, a happy new year to you all. We hope it's going to be a terrific year for everybody with life a little easier than it was in 2020. As for Santa Lucía - of course - we hope that tourism will be on track soon and everybody can come visit again.

Currently we are entering the last 2020 monitoring data in their respective data bases and we will present some results here soon. For the bird monitoring we can say that it was the most intense year ever. Noé managed two full round (dry and wet season) and Holger added a massive amount of data as well. So we can except to see an all-time-high in the number of bird species. Whether there are any new entries remains to be seen.

The camera trapping was a little more difficult. Although we managed to check all the camera trapping locations regularly the number of working cameras has decreased dramatically. Currently there are only six locations equipped with working cameras and some of those cameras are not working reliably. Usually student groups coming in throughout the year help out with fresh equipment, but this hasn't happened in 2020. However, the good news is that we won a grant which will permit the purchase of plenty of camera, so the outlook for 2021 is excellent here.

Orchid monitoring is a little more "light-weight" of course, but it has been carried out throughout the year (with an eight week break from mid-March to mid-May). However, data for the orchid garden is only missing for one month.

As mentioned - we will present some results here as soon as the data has been entered completely and analyzed sufficiently.

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