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Hectare Plot ONE

Three days ago a group of scientists and parabiologists led by Ana Mariscal (Cambugán Foundation) started working on the first of our new permanent hectare plots. The plots is located near our waterfalls at an altitude between 1.560 and 1.600m.

From the morning to early afternoon the field work is done. This means trees are being measured and their state described in detail.

Samples of all larger trees and some small trees are being recollected. This includes climbing up the trees and working with an aerial cutter. On the first day more than 50 samples were collected.

Arriving back at the lodge doesn't mean that the work day is over. In our laboratory the group is entering the data and processing the samples. All samples are identified to whatever level possible, wrapped in newspaper paper and pressed. The samples will finally be brought to the national herbarium where the final identification takes place.

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