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Podandrogyne websteri!?!

We've been looking for an ID for our Podandrogyne sp. for quite a while now and it might just turn out to be the recently described Podandrogyne websteri. It's quite common in Santa Lucía, especially along the main trail uphill to 2.100m. It belongs to the spider flower family (Cleomaceae) and has a rather peculiar flower structure.

In the course of the EPHI (Ecology of Plant-Hummingbird Interactions) project we have placed camera several times on the flowers and hummingbirds go to it - albeit not in a high frequency. We also took nectar samples on several ocassions and the sugar concentration in the nectar varies between 9% and 19%, but in either case we need more investigation as butterflies are actually more frequently observed on the flowers. So - we are not sure yet - who is the (principal?) pollinator.

However, we are happy to have a priliminary ID now.

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