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Project Proposal Submitted.

Yesterday, 10th of December, Dr. Mika Peck (University of Sussex) submitted the proposal for a project that would help strengthening our abilities to do continuous research and monitoring in Santa Lucía. Mika worked with Maria Clara Castellanos (University of Sussex), Ana Mariscal (Fundación Cambugán), Holger Beck (Research Manager Santa Lucía) and few others to created a project proposal that includes the continuation of existing monitoring programs (camera traps, birds, ...), paraecologist training of local people and a few new features (weather station, internet access, ...) for our field station.

It would imply field work for at least three local people for three to four months in the first part of 2021 which - considering the continuous absence of tourism would be highly welcome.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that the proposal will be accepted and financed.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

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