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Ready ... set ... go!

Two more days and we'll receive our first groups since February 2020. Students of the School for International Training (SIT) will be visiting us from 20st to 24th of September.

They will get a good introduction into Cloud Forest Ecology and some of its species.

Last week Luís, Nely, Noé and Priscila worked hard to get the lodge, the cabins and all the necessary facilites in shape. Although we had worked in maitenance constantly over the last 18 months it turned out to be a huge difference between keeping the buildings from falling down and having them ready to receive tourists.

Unfortunately it turned out that our 1st resting point on the main trail up seems to require not only a make over but rather a reconstructions, so it remains closed for the time being - so the group will have to make it from the bottom of the trail to the second resting point (right in the middle of the climb) in a single climb. Should be fun. :)

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