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Santa Lucia Forest School - a little different this time.

Our Forest School crowd is growing almost on a daily basis now. We currently have 40+ kids signed up. In fact - way too many to take them all at once on our expeditions. So, we will have to find a way to either split them up or run events twice. The latter one is difficult because of time constraints that we have.

The project is just too successfull. :)

However, last Thursday we made use of a national holiday and we invited the kids to an expedition which was a little different than the ones we usually do. Well, in fact the first part was quite similar - we split up the whole group into three smaller groups and each had the goal to find and identify 15 bird species, 15 plants species and 15 types of insects. We had around an hour for that. All groups succeeded. :)

After each group gave a short report on their activities we proceeded to a local (organic) coffee plantation were we learnt about how coffee is grown in cloud forest conditions. Afterwards we went on to a small coffee shop where the kids could prepare their own coffee lemonade. Now, we are aware that coffee is not for children, but we made an exception so that the kids go the whole picture of coffee from production to preparation.

Coffee is a product that has gained importance as a sustainable alternative in our region, hence we decided that the local youth also should have a little insight into that.

It was a very successful event and we are thankful to Santiago (Finca Monte Carmelo) and Franklin (Cafetería El Zaguan) for making this possible!

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