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Second weather station online.

We have been taking rainfall data manually over the last five years around the Santa Lucía lodge as well as in La Delicia, a suburb of Nanegal. So it was only logical that we would also install a weather station in Nanegal in order to compare the data between the two sites which are only about 6 kilometers apart ... well and 800 meters in altitud. The new weather station might also be helpful when monitoring the growth of our vanilla orchids down here in Nanegal.

Another weather-related note: 21.04. 06:00am to 22.04. 06:00 am were the rainiest 24 hours since we've started taking rainfall data in November 2017. 100mm is pulverizing the old record of 86mm. So, the student group of the University San Francisco de Quito had to stay inside all afternoon. Well, they still received some interesting information in the form of a talk on the camera trapping project.

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