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Still working on fixing Thunderstorm damage.

About a month ago a strong thunderstorm - something almost like a Tornado - hit the Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve. It cut its way through the forest from the river up the waterfall trail, through the pastures and across the lodge.

The first things we fixed were the trails, so that tourism could go on without too much trouble.

Next thing on the list were the pastures, where many of the fences were either heavily damaged or completely gone. Now, thanks to the extra-help of some volunteers who stayed at the lodge during that time, this is done too.

This weekend we are re-building the mules stable / workshop near the staff house. With that we we are done with what *could* be done. The forest will have to restore itself ... unfortunately the most affected part was all primary. So, that's a good chance to study forest succession over the next years / decades.

Since we also need to re-forest parts of our silvo pastures we are now wondering whether should do it the same way we did 20 years ago (mainly alder and dragon's blood tree) or whether we should do something more experimental.

Ideas are welcome!

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