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Sussex Group to arrive this weekend!

We are currently in the final preparation phase for the student group from the University of Sussex that will arrive in a few days. A few things still need to be fixed and cleaned, but will be ready for the craziness that those group visits tend to be. :)

Students will be staying at the lodge for nine days and after getting a good introduction into the plants, birds and the rest of the wild life that the cloud forest offers they will carry out small projects based on which they will be graded.

Those visits are usually a lot of fun as the students really are far away from civilization and have to improvise a lot in order to get the necessary data for their papers. Of course the professors from Sussex University as well as the Santa Lucía staff will do our best to help.

Although the weather station was installed last week, we still are not sending data to the world, because at this point the solar panel that we also installed a few weeks ago only delivers DC - still need to get the DC/AC converter running. This will probably not be done during this week anymore, so maybe it happens when the students are around.

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