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The first year of orchid monitoring in the our orchid garden done ...

We started monitoring flowering in our orchid garden in September 2019 and except for April 2020 we have been able to do at least one flower count each month. The methodology is still somewhat experimental, but we've got some good results anyways.

The idea to make this one of the activities for volunteers who are interested in doing monitoring.

We have counted flowers of 64 species of orchids, but in about 10 we are not sure about the actual ID, but we are keeping contact with some specialists who can hopefully help us with that.

There are only two species where flowers were registered in every single month: Pleurothallis cordata and Scaphosepalum ophidion, but they are als amongst the most numerous species in terms of individual plants.

Lepanthes magnifica flowers were found in 11 months.

The months with most species in flower are - unsurprisingly February (38 flowers), January (26) and March (25).

Although - truth be told - we also collected quite a few orchids and brought them to the orchid garden during those months, so let's see what the next year of monitoring brings.

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