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Project Report Hummingbird - Plant Interactions.

We are proud to present the project report of the EPHI (Ecology of Plant / Hummingbird Interactions) project for Santa Lucía. Originally run by Ben Weinstein (Stony Broke University) the project was continued and broadened by Catherine Graham (Swiss National Science Foundation). The same methodology for quantifying interactions throughout the year was used for the same monitoring in a whole range of other fields sites in Northwestern Ecuador (Yanacocha Reserve, Un Poco del Chocó, etc.). The data is still being analyzed, but for Santa Lucía we have a good overview including some conclusions on the results of two years of data taking (2017-2019). Since in our reserve data has been collected since 2013 we will continue this activity which could lead to conclusions that do not only represent a temporal snapshot, but might also allow to see long-term trends and effects of climate change.

Enjoy the read.

Santa Lucía
Download PDF • 4.63MB

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