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Schools of Santa Elena and Tulipe visiting Santa Lucia Forest School.

Today we received students of two regional schools at our reserve. It was an average sized group in total (15 students), so between Denisse, Graciela and Holger we were able to run the complete program. It took three hours to climb the hill.

We observed several birds, lots of insects and plants and also had long discussions on water ... where to find it in the environment and its importance for life on the planet. The kids (9 - 10 years old) were happy to explore nature themselves and asked lots of questions on their observations.

They were particularly happy when they could use the hand lenses on all the "objects" that they collected in the forest.

Well, at the end of the day, they were probably even happier when we finally reached the lodge. :)

After a hearty lunch we introduced them to the world of science in Santa Lucía and we could correct some of the misconceptions of the regional fauna (e.g. the presence of "lions" and "tigers" in Ecuador).

It was a fun and very inspiring day for the Santa Lucía crew and hopefully also for the students.

With that fourth event within four weeks we close this year's FONAG-sponsored forest school visits. Each and every one was worth it. We had a total of 65 students of regional school visiting the reserve ... and we sincerely hope we could create a lasting (positive) impression on them. Maybe they see nature with different eyes now ...

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